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Here are our recent projects :


Tavana Construction (3)

(October 20, 2009 up to now)

Tavana Company has started its third project in October 2009 in the field of building and construction. In this project we are going to construct a building with 8 floors in the north of Tehran.


Tavana Construction (2)

(May 10, 2008 up to now)

Tavana Company has started its second project in May 2008 in the field of building and construction. In this project we are going to construct a building with 7 floors on about 4370 meters square in the west of Tehran. Each apartment area ranges between 50 to 90 meters square.


Tavana Construction (1)

(October 11, 2007 till December 20, 2008)

Tavana Company has started projects in the field of building and construction in October 2007. We are going to build 40 apartments on about 4435 meters square area in the west of Tehran.



(June 6, 2006 till June 5, 2007)

This project is related to strategic management for Offset company. (Offset is the biggest press company in the middle east). Our duties were to specify and compile the targets, mission and company main strategies in addition to achieving future risk analysis concerning competitors.


Dairy Company

(April 5, 2005 till June 20, 2006)

In this project, our project team achieved a strategic analysis for Iran Dairy Industries Co. This analysis includes Market Segmentation, Benchmarking Study, Studying existing strategies, SWOT Analysis, Resources Analysis and Value Chain Analysis.

Sedad Machine

(June 20, 2004 till April 4, 2005)

Processes re-engineering and strategic planning documentation for Sedad Machine Co. The main duties were strategic Planning Documentation, Joinery Plan Documentation and Re-engineering.


(June 22, 2003 till June 21, 2005)

Submitting of scientific, technical and engineering services and cooperation for design, implementation and re-engineering processes control for government telecommunications and post companies.


Arak Petrochemical Plant

(October 20, 2004 till June 20, 2005)

Companionship and council for Arak Petrochemical Expert Team in foreign negotiations and assessment about technical documents. Our main duties were:

  • Scrutiny of the possibility to recover Ethane from the natural gas as a nutrition (Repast).
  • Technical and economical scrutiny and specification of assets required fir Ethane recovery.
  • Evaluation of used technology in liquid nutrition production.
  • Submitting strategic guidelines.

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